How Much Does a Pontoon Cost in USA UK 2023 ?

How Much Does a Pontoon Cost in USA UK 2023 ?

Since you’ve landed here looking for pontoon DIY guides, I assume you’re a Pontoon enthusiast. There is a lot of pontoon cost involve in fabrication.
Fabricating any size of pontoon through yourself take sufficient time. So before starting your work we need to consider various factors. Some of the factors are given below:

  • Environment
  • Earth surface
  • Water level
  • Skidd(Pontoon is built on skids)
  • MS plate
  • Material ( Welding rod, welding machine, Oxygen cylinder, Cutting pipe, Tools, Cutting machine, Pug machine, etc..)
  • Unskilled and skilled manpower
  • Hydra for loading and unloading a material
  • Anchor winch machine
  • Ramp
  • Outfitting item ( Handrail, Bollard steel, Gangway ship, and pile guide, etc.)
  • Installation or launching material

According to the above details floating pontoon, the cost is further divided into various activities. The full description of the fabrication, erection and installation of a floating pontoon is given below:

  • Pontoon fabrication
  • Guard rail
  • Hand winch fabrication and installation
  • Pile guide clamp with wooden blocks fabrication and installation
  • Chain railing
  • Manhole cover
  •  Bollard Steel
  •  Mooring
  •  Fender support
  •  Fenders
  •  Rung ladder according to the size of a floating pontoon
  •  Pontoon topside, Underwater, and internal blasting and painting
  •  Hull Outfitting
  •  Block securing
  •  Gangway fabrication and installation
  •  Launching of pontoon

Details of floating pontoon cost


Pontoon fabrication:

In pontoon fabrication, mostly all the work is hot work.
A few of the hot works in fabrication are given below.

  •  Cutting  MS plate, angle, and C channel
  •  Welding of plate and angle
  •  Welding of the hull structure
  •  Loading and unloading of plate

Fabrication of floating pontoon cost is lies between $40000 to $60000.


Guard rail:


guard rail

In pontoon Guard rail is used in the main deck of the pontoon for the safety purpose of man and material.
The price of the Guard rail is between $30 to $50.


Pontoon Anchor winch:

pontoon anchor winch

The pontoon anchor winch is used in marine engineering, aircraft engineering, shipbuilding, and vehicle recovery, etc.
The winch cost is between $2000 to $5000.


Pile guide:

pile guide

A pile guide is used in shipbuilding. This is helpful for pontoons to rise and sink with the water level. The fabrication of the pile guide depends upon the design. It will be in U shape, D shape, etc.
Pile guide cost is between $1000 to $1500.


Bollards steel


bollards steel Bollards steel is a short and vertical post. It is referred to as a post in a ship and pontoon typically for mooring pontoon.

Presently it is also referred to as a post to controlled road traffic.
Bollard steel cost is between $300 to $500 off a single bollard.



types of fenders

A fender is a bumper that basically absorbs the kinetic energy of pontoon, ships, and vessel berthing against the jetty wall or other vessel.

Fenders, used on all types of vessels, from cargo ships to cruise ships, ferries, and personal yachts, prevent damage to vessels and berthing structures. To do this, fenders have high energy absorption and low reaction force.

Fenders are manufactured by rubber, foam, elastomer, and plastic. The cost of a single fender is between $150  to $200.


Rung ladder

rung ladder

A ladder is a vertical and inclined sets of runs or steps, which are used in a tank, hull structure, etc.
The price of the rung ladder lies between $35 to $50.


Blasting and painting of pontoons

In pontoon, there is a top deck, Underwater portion, and internal tank, etc.
For removing rust from steel we do blasting after blasting is finish painting of the pontoon is started.
The cost for blasting and painting of pontoons is between $5000 to $10000.


Hull outfitting


hull oufittingIn-hull outfitting, fixing a handrail, ship gangway, and bollard steel fabrication involves.
The cost of the hull outfitting is between $800 to $1000.


Gangway ship

gangway ship

A gangway ship is a path between dock and pontoon. Without a gangway ship, we are not able to move from ship to dock. Depending upon the weight of the ship and pontoon builder built a gangway.

The cost of building a gangway ship is between $8000 to $10000.


Launching of pontoons

launching of pontoons

For launching, various materials are used like: Winch machine, wire rope, C channel, Mechanical Jack, Wooden blocks, Tug, etc.
The cost involved in launching is between $2000 to $3000.


For building a pontoon, you need to follow the above details.
According to any size floating pontoon costs is lie between $80000 to $150000.

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