Different Types of Bollards Steel- Pontoon Diy

Different Types of Bollards Steel

Since you are landed on this page, definitely you are searching for bollard steel.

Here you will find all details related to bollards. Bollard’s steel is a short and vertical post. It is referred to as a post in a ship and pontoon typically for mooring pontoon. Presently it is also referred to as a post to controlled road traffic.

In the pontoon and shipbuilding industry, the bollard is an iron post fitting on a ship or pontoon.

Apart from the shipping industry, it is also used in various other industries like the construction and manufacturing industries.


bollards steel

 Usages of bollards steel:

Basically, there are two primary roles for which a bollard is used.

1)         Decorative element

2)         Safety item

When it comes to safety, bollards can be installed in areas where we need to separate the pedestrian’s track and vehicle road.

Apart from the above usages bollards are used in Construction buildings, Stadiums, and Ship, etc.

Decorative bollards are used in parks, where they protect wildlife or flora from damage.

Types of bollards steel:

Basically, bollards serve different purposes, but the main reason for installing is used as a safety tool for properties and people.

Let’s take a look at the most common type of bollard and what are their uses.

Marine bollards

Marine bollards are known as mooring bollards, it is a very important part of pontoon or ship. They are in large diameter at the top so that ropes can be fixed and will not lose easily.

When we build a pontoon or ship, the marine bollards cost is also included in floating pontoon cost.

According to their usage, their shape and sizes differ.

Removable Bollards

In different words, removable bollards also known as removable barrier posts are good for controlling access in a specific area like Private properties.

Maximum people all over the world using these types of bollards in places where they want to prevent unauthorized parking. The locking and unlocking of this bollard are simple.

Construction bollards

construction bollards


Occasionally, we see these bollards where road construction projects are running. Apart from that, they were used in front of sites of building constructions.

The main purpose of using this type of bollard is to protect the area where construction work is in progress.

Security bollards

All security bollards are made out of steel and filled with concrete.

The resistance of security bollards is depending upon the quality of material used in bollards and the way of installing on-site.

Bicycle parking bollards



Similar to marine bollards, bicycle parking-bollards offer hitch supports to securely lock the bike, usually in the form of a rack and lever that allows two bikes to be locked onto the same bollard.

The role of a bicycle parking bollard is to prevent obstacles by creating an area dedicated to parking bicycles. In addition, because they are made of durable material, they can properly support the weight of two-wheeled vehicles, and they can vary in shape and size depending on the terrain.

Landscape & solar bollards


The best use of bollards is to enhance the look. They provide walking lighting for residents, streets, pedestrian areas or parks, and enhance exhibits and walkways. Landscaping is also considered a source of light for the landscape, as there are various options for recharging solar energy.

The final conclusion is that bollards steel is used in various industries. According to my experience in shipbuilding, bollards are made of steel and used for fixing a rope.




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