Luxury Pontoon Boats with Bar USA UK 2023

Luxury Pontoon Boats with Bar USA UK 2023

If you’ve ever had a thing for boating, you definitely have dreamt of luxury pontoon boats with bar and fancy patios and entertainment systems tucked in to make it more than a jolly ride!

Pontoon boats are renowned for the multifarious functionalities that they provide, from fishing, swimming, or simply lounging. 

And when it comes to lounging with family and friends, a bar becomes a near necessity! Naturally, there are many luxurious pontoon boats that come with fancy bars for a leisurely afternoon amidst a lake, river or sea. 

So here is our round-up of the top pontoon boats which are high on luxury and come with bars!

Top 8 Luxury Pontoon boats with bar

As with most industries in the 21st century, pontoon boats are adorned with new features which add to their luxury and attract niche buyers who want the best when it comes to sailing. 

This is why, we have rounded up 5 of the top-notch pontoon boats that offer a distinct experience to boaters, whether they want day cruising, fishing or a simple soiree with a toast to life!

  • Catalina Entertainer

Price: $44,280 onwards

The Catalina Entertainer is a luxury pontoon boat by boat makers Avalon. With a full bar table, 4 bar chairs and an integrated cooler, this pontoon boat is like a resort in the middle of the water. Add to that Catalina’s resounding infinity Bluetooth stereo that enhances every sound to tune the party mood up whenever you want!

Catalina Entertainer also has 2 front lounge arms and a Cabana lounge at the rear which makes the perfect spot for sunbathing. There is also a swimming platform and telescoping ladder at the rear so that you can enter any swimming area with ease. 

  • Premier Grand Entertainer

Price: $85,333 onwards

If you are looking for luxury pontoon boats with bars, this is one choice you should definitely explore. And that crescent-shaped bar at the rear with 4 bar stools complete with built-in racks for wine, martini, and margarita stemware and a refrigerator will definitely not disappoint you!

The captain’s console is quite fancy as well with a touchscreen to control all the boat’s digital gauges, systems, rearview camera, and manual guide. 

It is powered by the Suzuki DF300 engine which helps it to clock at a top speed of 44 mph. 

  • Sun Tracker Party Cruiser 32

Price: $ 24,900 

If you are looking to set up a luxurious camp on the water, this opulent barge is for you! 

The dinette and the bar is on the port side of the boat with a helm and head with shower on the starboard side. There is also a berth in the back for comfortable cruising during the day and a warm stay overnight. 

The 8′ 6″ beam leaves plenty of space to stroll around along with a 34′ LOA. 

With this luxurious camper, you can take up to 15 people out for a memorable lakeside getaway. 

  • Avalon Pontoons 2018 Ambassador Entertainer

Price: $14,936 onwards

Avalon’s fully-equipped 2018 ambassador entertainer is a stunner with its expansive gallery and bar combo.

It has a stainless faucet, refrigerator, and even cold storage compartments. This super-luxury pontoon boat will also please you to the bone, aesthetically speaking. 

There is a prep center at the aft where you can cook meals and take it to the illuminated bistro table. The bistro table has a wine bottle holder and wine racks underneath which reveal themselves like a winter morning at the push of a button. Now that is what we call savvy!

  • Sylvan Mandalay 8525 Bar

Price: $70,000 

No pontoon list is perhaps complete without mentioning Sylvan boats in it! The bar in Sylvan Mandalay is located on the aft side. There is a pop-up glass and plate holder on the back of the bar top.

There is a faux granite countertop, a sink, and a drawer with cooler underneath. 

The portside galley has space to prepare drinks and there are two-bucket seats on the starboard side with a built-in insulated cooler.

  • Veranda 

Popularly known as the Veranda vortex Bar series, this boat houses a beautiful fiberglass bar setting with deluxe chairs, drink holders, and a tilt-out trash can.

Although it only consists of a bar top, and also without the gallery, you can also prepare snacks at the bar top. 

There are enough counters for an awesome lunch experience and plenty of party space for entertainment. 

  • Bennington

Bennington’s G22 Bar and Galley series have an alluring feel to it with steel railings and underlighting at the bar. There is also a cup holder along with a sink at the front side of the bar. 

Bennington takes it a notch above when it comes to luxury as they do not have bar stools. They have something better, the reclining swivel chairs which leaves you feeling more comfortable and classy. 

The starboard galley is optional, but if you need space for plastic tumblers and plates, you may add a galley. 

  • Godfrey SanSpan 2500 Wet Bar

Price: $38,000 

This boat is for those who love to entertain guests while cooking meals in a spacious kitchen with lots of counter space. 

The boat is visually separated by the bar and optional flooring change. Apart from huge spaces, this boat also sports a bar and contains cup holders with stainless steel railings. 

So these were some of the luxury pontoon boats with bars that keep up with the party vibes and let you take your celebration on water, in style. 


The most luxurious pontoon boatsbwith bar for sale are: Catalina Entertainer Premier Grand Entertainer Sun Tracker Party Cruiser 32 Avalon Pontoons 2018 Ambassador Entertainer Sylvan Mandalay 8525 Bar Veranda Bennington Godfrey SanSpan 2500 Wet Bar
Luxury pontoon boats with bars cost an upward on $20,000.

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