Pontoon Boat Covers for in the Water USA UK 2023

Pontoon Boat Covers for in the Water USA UK 2023

Pontoon boats are great fun. They make for an excellent day out, whether it is cruising, lounging, or fishing. But when your boats are not in use, you need to park them somewhere and this is when you need to protect them from the harsh weather elements. You need pontoon boat covers for in the water. 

Why use pontoon boat covers?

Harsh weather conditions include storms, rains, harmful sun rays, or waves that may cause rust and corrosion on your pontoon boat. There is also the problem of pest infestation and bird droppings!

In order to avoid all of the above, you need pontoon mooring covers for when your vessel is parked in a bay or dock. 

Mooring covers for pontoons are best suited when you customize them as per your vessel, but custom covers may cost you upwards of thousands of dollars.  

So we have put together a list of the best pontoon mooring covers that are available readymade and won’t cost you a fortune. 

This is not an exhaustive list, but the covers mentioned here are some of the best in the business! You can also use mooring covers when your boat is being trailered or back home in storage, but they are not designed for towing! They are meant for covering your boat when it is parked in a bay or a marina.  

Best pontoon mooring covers

One thing that you should clear in your head is that the covers mentioned below would not fit your boat like custom-made mooring covers, but they still do the job! 

  • Vortex Ultra Boat Covers

Although we made a point about not using mooring covers for towing, the Vortex Ultra Boat cover necessitates the need to retract the statement. 

These covers are ideal for mooring, towing as well as trailering, making them one of the top picks within the budget. Add to that a 5-year warranty by the brand and we are looking at an awesome deal!

Vortex Ultra Boat covers come in 5 different sizes, from 16 feet to 24 feet! Make sure you purchase the one that covers your barge the best. 

A single drawback of these covers is that they do not come down far enough, which means that they offer less protection to the sides of the boat. 

  • EmpireCovers Aqua Armor Pontoon boat covers

Another tri-purpose product by Empire covers, this cover is also ideal for trailering, towing, and mooring. What’s more, is that this cover is waterproof and even has ventilation for breathing air to pass through. 

Although these covers are meant for rough usage through the years, it would be best to check them after every 8-10 years to prevent them from mildew and mold. 

  • Yescom pontoon boat cover 

Another top product, Yescom pontoon boat covers are made of high-quality materials and water-resistant PU coating, which makes them durable. 

This one is a great choice when you are mooring your boat due to the fact that it is very easy to connect up around the boat. The cover is composed of elastic all the way and the buckle straps go over the top, which takes half the time to cover up your boat as compared to other covers. 

There are additional straps in there as well in case of a windstorm. 

  • North East Harbour Pontoon Boat cover

Another toughie on the list, the North East Harbour Pontoon boat cover is made up of a 600 denier waterproof material, similar to the Vortex covers. 

It has got elastic around the straps and edges and also consists of several more straps to be fastened to the boat. The straps of North East Harbour pontoon boat covers go under the pontoon tubes. 

Though good quality materials make it waterproof, this cover can get ripped across the seams in a few years of usage, especially in places where stormwinds are a commonality. 

  • PyleArmor Shield Pontoon boat covers

PyleArmor Shield pontoon boat covers are another popular name for boaters who like mooring covers for their boats. 

The plus side of these covers is that they are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one accordingly that fits your boat. As a general rule though, you should go for a cover that is a little longer than the size of your boat. 

Although covering your boat with Pyle Armor covers could be a time taking venture, but these covers give a custom fit appearance to your covered boat. This pontoon boat cover also has an extra flap at the back to cover the engine. Talk about utility!

But again, durability could be an issue due to the possibility of ripped seams caused by strong wind currents. 

So these were a few of our favorite pontoon boat mooring covers that serve the purpose efficiently. 

Custom mooring covers could cost you anything between $800 to $3,000. If you cannot afford the expense, then this list should help you choose mooring covers that fit your budget.

As an additional piece of advice, it would be advisable to install poles beneath the cover to ensure that water does not pool on the top of your cover. 

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Most boaters would say no to that with a straight face, us included. Mooring covers are not meant to be put on during towing as winds may rip them off.
Although you can take it off every now and then, it is best to leave your cover on, unless there is a rain forecast or you are going out the next day. But whenever there is a clear sun out, you may consider to take it off for a while to remain unaffected by mold and mildew.
Mold and mildew occurs when heat and moisture are trapped inside the cover. All covers mentioned in this list are well ventilated so you need not worry. But just as a preventive measure, you can use vented support poles, air dryer, dehumidifier or solar vents, as your budget may allow you.

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