Misty Harbour Boat Covers USA UK 2023

Misty Harbour Boat Covers USA UK 2023

Who doesn’t love a great outdoor water excursion on one of the finest pontoon boats to have ever been built? The misty harbour is a boatbuilder which offers a surfeit of boats ranging from 16 feet to 26 feet in length. As an owner of these ingenious barges, you would also need misty harbour boat covers to protect your vessel from the elements. 

But first, let us dive into the basics and know what sets these kinds of pontoon boats apart from the others.

What are misty harbour boats?

Misty Harbour is engaged in the marine industry selling pontoon boats in various sizes. Based out of Iowa, they started manufacturing pontoons and fishing boats in 1987. Their oldest model is a classic manufactured in 1993 and they currently have about 40 models up for sale in the US.

Misty Harbour offers the classic hull type boat and others including pontoon and sailboats. The boat maker builds vessels that are meant for day cruising, watersports as well as fishing activities. Most Misty Harbour boats come with outboard-4S, electric propulsion systems and they can use gas and other fuel types for propulsion. 

Why are they so popular?

Misty Harbour boats are renowned for their pontoons and aluminium fishing models. On average, Misty Harbour boats have a shallow draft and an average beam, which makes them an ideal choice for on-the-water activities like freshwater cruising, watersports or just day cruising. 

Misty Harbour is known for making high-performance pontoon boats measuring between 14 to 26 feet in length. They use aluminium for their hulls and the vessel itself can be configured as an angler. Misty Harbour uses aluminium hulls and other high-quality materials in its manufacturing process. 

How much do they cost?

Misty Harbour boats come in varying sizes and differ in terms of the purpose of usage. These boats can start from as little as $2,900 and may go all the way up to $96,849 for the bigger-sized boats. 

You can also select Misty Harbour boats in terms of the power output you need! These boats come with a minimum of 40 HP engines, though you can power your vessel all the way up to 250 HP, depending on the model. On average, Misty Harbour boats pack a 115 HP engine to provide optimum performance. 


Misty Harbour boat models

Misty Harbour has manufactured a range of pontoons and other boats for the past 34 years. They go an extra step to ensure that their quality, design and construction materials are of high quality. 

They make boats that are not just high on performance, but also on safety and quality to delight boaters of all kinds. Some of the most popular Misty Harbour boat models include:


  • Skye Voyager 16 DT
  • Skye Voyager 16 DC
  • Skye Voyager 16 SSC
  • Skye Voyager 16 SST
  • Skye Voyager 16 UTILITY
  • Stealth 166 C
  • Stealth 166 T
  • Stealth 169 C
  • Stealth 169 W
  • Stealth 189 FS
  • Sunsation
  • Trophy
  • Trophy 164 C
  • Trophy 164 T
  • Voyager 
  • Voyager 14 CT
  • Voyager 14 Canadian
  • Voyager 16 Canadian
  • D’Lite
  • Skye 1031
  • Skye 1231
  • Skye 1236
  • Skye 1436
  • Skye 1754 MV
  • Skye 1754 MVD
  • Skye 1860 MV
  • Skye 1860 MVD
  • Skye 2070 MV
  • Skye 2070 MVD 
  • Skye D’Lite
  • Skye D’Lite Canadian
  • Skye Explorer 1030
  • Skye Explorer 1230
  • Skye Explorer 1237
  • Skye Explorer 1430
  • Skye Explorer 1437
  • Skye Polaris 1450
  • Skye Polaris 1542
  • Adventure 225 CF
  • Adventure 225 CR
  • Adventure 245 CF
  • Adventure 245 CR
  • Adventure 245 FC
  • Adventure 245 RL
  • Biscayne Bay 2085 CS
  • Biscayne Bay 2085 FS
  • Biscayne Bay 2285 CS
  • Biscayne Bay 2285 CU
  • Biscayne Bay 2285 FC
  • Biscayne Bay 2285 FS
  • Biscayne Bay 2285 RL
  • Biscayne Bay 2585 CS
  • Biscayne Bay 2585 CU
  • Biscayne Bay 2585 RL
  • Cruiser

You can also approach Misty Harbour to make a custom boat that would be tailored to your requirements exclusively. 

Boat covers for Misty Harbour

There are many high-quality Misty Harbour boat covers available across distributors, online as well as offline in the US. All you have to do is select the right fit boat cover pertaining to the model and size of your Misty Harbour boat. 

Bear in mind that you would need heavy-duty marine-grade covers that are made of waterproof fabrics to line Marinex, Sunflair and Sunbrella. These are some of the best materials available in the market today and so it would be wise to ask for these materials when you go purchasing Misty Harbour boat covers. 

Some popular covers for Misty Harbour pontoon boats include:

Sportsmen 300 Denier Pontoon Cover $210 3-year warranty
Sportsmen 600 Denier Pontoon Cover $250  7-year warranty
Sportsmen 1200 Denier Pontoon Cover $290 7-year warranty


You can also look for bimini tops for your Misty Harbour boat which is easily available at boat cover outlets and online stores across the US.

Protect your Misty Harbour boats with the best!!

Misty Harbour is truly a leading name when it comes to fishing and pontoon boats in the states. From the surreal East Coast to the expensive West Coast, boaters prefer Misty Harbour vessels for high performance, safety and brand dependability. 

So you need to protect your modern barge with top quality covers that can withstand the elements like harsh sun rays, rains, waves and other phenomena that degrade materials for marine application. 


Misty Harbour is a popular name in the marine industry with over 30 years of excellence in product design and innovation. It comes with multiple features including its much distinguished aluminium hull and offers high perfomance and safety.
Covers protect pontoons from natural elements such as rain, winds, and harmful sunrays and also prevents debts and scratches. Covering your vessel will also keep it free from bird droppings and pests.
A mooring cover is designed to protect your boat when it is parked on the water, such as in a dock or a marina.

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