How To Install Carpet on Pontoon Boat USA UK 2023 ?

How To Install Carpet on Pontoon Boat USA UK 2023 ?

Are you a pontoon enthusiast who likes outdoor water excursions with friends and family? If so, have you ever wondered how to install carpet on a pontoon boat?

Pontoon boats are like living rooms in the middle of open waters that offer a comfortable feel with serene waters around. A carpet on your pontoon essentially adds to that comfort feel, provides a nice grip, and is cooler than vinyl flooring. 

However, as with all things, that carpet does not have a long lifespan, thanks to the constant movement on it and its exposure. Moreover, it is also susceptible to stains, markings, mold and can start to the ridge in time. 

How to Install Carpet on Pontoon Boat?

If you have to install a carpet on a pontoon boat, fret not! Here are the steps you need to take to successfully install a carpet on your pontoon boat:

Step 1. 

Before you go on installing a cover for your pontoon boat, you should lay it out in the open sun for about half an hour, so that it wrinkles out and becomes more pliable. 

Step 2. 

Be sure to remove all fencing and furniture from the deck of your pontoon boat. Simply un-bolting it and placing it beside the boat while you layout your new carpet can do the job. You can also keep them in the same way as it was on the boat, so you can easily arrange it afterward to the exact same configuration as before. 

Step 3.

Once you have un-bolted the fittings and furniture, it is now time for you to remove the old carpet on your pontoon boat. 

Step 4. 

Once you remove the old carpet, you would be able to see remnants of the glue that held your old carpet to the boat. This old glue has to be removed from the boat, as it can be detrimental to the bonding of the new carpet when it is laid out. You can use sandpaper to this effect on a belt sander. Make sure you remove the old glue evenly from the deck, so as to avoid lumpy areas under your new carpet. 

Step 5.

Now that your deck is clean and ready for carpet installation. You can use a waterproof marine-grade adhesive to this effect. Start by applying the glue in small areas, as marine-grade adhesives fry out quickly. 

Step 6. 

After you have applied the adhesive, it is time to lay down your carpet from one end of the boat to the other. Keep applying the glue in small patches as you go along opening up the carpet. 

Step 7.

During installation, it would be great if you can lay out the carpet in a way that no seams would be necessary. In case that seams are to be necessary, then place the carpet ends in the same direction. This gives a smooth look to your carpeting.

Step 8.

Now that you have laid down your carpet, give it a finishing touch so that it evens out smoothly. A PVC pipe can help you with this by rolling it over the carpet to ensure proper adhesion to the deck.

Step 9.

In case your carpet length exceeds the deck, cut off that excess wherever it occurs. 

Step 10.

The adhesive glue would take some time to dry out completely. Give it at least 25 hours before you start putting the furniture and fencing back onto your boat. 

Step 11.

After placing all the furniture and fencing, it is time to take your boat out onto open waters and enjoy a calm, relaxing outdoors with friends and family. 

For smooth sailings…

Pontoon boats have become recreational vessels for people who like fishing and other water excursions with their loved ones.

As such, it is essential to maintain your vessel regularly, and that includes your carpet flooring. And just as it is advisable to clean your boat after every season, the same is with the carpet flooring on your pontoon. Most importantly clean a pontoon boat carpet regularly.


Carpet flooring has a life of about 2 years, if regularly in the seasons. But you should check on its quality after every ride, especially after it has been your companion for more than a couple of excursions. 


Pontoons are floating structures with buoyancy which are airtight and hollow, thus resistant to water and unsinkable. Pontoons are generally used at ports and shores as a safe means to ferry passengers or cargo from land to a vessel.
Pontoon boats are recreational boats that utilize two or more pontoon tubes, as per the requirement, to stay afloat on water. In coastal areas, pontoon boats have become a common offering to tourists for a relaxed feel amidst calm waters. The design of a pontoon boat is remarkably simple, which allows the boat owners to 'spruce up their boats and offer a luxury feel with classy interiors. Pontoon boats are ideal for water excursions like fishing, relaxing, and partying.
Place the new carpet under the sun to make it wrinkle-free Remove all fencing and furniture from the boat. Remove the old carpet. Scrape off the old glue using sandpaper. Apply waterproof marine-grade adhesive evely on the deck. Lay out the new carpet evenly. Use a pvc pipe to give a continuous and smooth look to your new cover. Cut-off the excess carpet. Leave your deck untouched for the next 15 hours at least. Arrange furniture and fittings back on the boat. Enjoy an excursion with your new carpet.
A pontoon deck carpet is expensive itself, which would cost around $500, minus the installation charges (if you opt to hire a professional).
You can either install vinyl, carpet or plywood, which are the most common options for pontoon boat floors. As vinyl is expensive and also retains more heat, and a carpet requires regular installations, most pontoon boat owners prefer using plywood for flooring.


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